*version 0.73dev2 October 1 2007*
  - Released py_mpgedit SDK version 0.3.
  - Fixed PCM levels processing which resulted in incorrectly scaled
    volume display in xmpgedit PCM viewer.

*version 0.73dev1 September 2007*
  - Portability fixes when building on 64-bit Linux platforms
  - Fixed problems when seeking to time near start of MP3 file
  - Display complete seek time when -I option is specified
  - Fixed crash on Windows when closing multiple playback contexts
  - Fixed mpgedit usage text for -X2 option
  - xmpgedit can now decode MP3 file when unable to open audio device
  - xmpgedit decode option verifies MP3 file's decode cache (.lvl file)
    and now will only re-decode invalid/incompletely decoded files