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NAME - Randomize mp3 file start/stop times


SYNOPSIS inputfile.mp3 [ scramble_file ]

DESCRIPTION is a Perl script that generates a list of start/stop times for each frame in inputfile.mp3 printed in pseudo-random order. This script is called from The output from is printed to standard output, or written to the output file scramble_file when specified. works by calling mpgedit -vv inputfile.mp3 to first obtain a list of all frame end times for inputfile.mp3. From this output, a list of frame start/stop times is created. Afterwards, this list is shuffled in pseudo-random order, then printed to standard output, or written to scramble_file when specified.


BUGS serves no useful purpose outside of the context of the test script


SEE ALSO,, mpgedit(1), xmpgedit(1).




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