mpgedit Development Change Log

* Mon Apr 13 2009 * Updated build to support GCC 4.4.

* Tue Mar 17 2009 * Added support for LAME "Info" tag

* Wed Feb 4  2009 * Improved xmpgedit main scrolled window behavior.
                  * Added playback duration for each edit to xmpgedit
                  * Added support for command line options in xmpgedit.
                  * Added start time offset to xmpgedit, which allows setting the 0 second
                    start time to an arbitrary time a file being edited. Useful when
                    editing from a script with an existing playlist that must be aligned
                    to the start of an mp3 file.
                  * Added ability to create subdirectory to file save control.
                  * Added ALSA audio driver support.
                  * Added additional checks for unsaved edits to xmpgedit.
                  * Added Fedora Core 8 RPMs to the build.
* Sat Oct 6  2007 * Released py_mpgedit SDK version 0.3.
                  * Fixed PCM levels processing which resulted in incorrectly scaled
                    volume display in xmpgedit PCM viewer.

* Sun Sep 23 2007 * Portability fixes when building on 64-bit Linux platforms
                  *  Fixed problems when seeking to time near start of MP3 file
                  * Display complete seek time when -I option is specified
                  * Fixed crash on Windows when closing multiple playback contexts
                  * Fixed mpgedit usage text for -X2 option
                  * xmpgedit can now decode MP3 file when unable to open audio device
                  * xmpgedit decode option verifies MP3 file's decode cache (.lvl file)
                    and now will only re-decode invalid/incompletely decoded files

* Sun Apr 9 2006  * Fixed playback and editing with -I option, which would
                    frequently repeat up to a second of material at the
                    start of the edit.

* Sun Apr 2 2006  * Fixed xmpgedit playto start time is 974ms or higher.
                    Often would play one second beyond specified start time.
                  * Fixed xmpgedit crash when volume was adjusted after 
                    stopping audio playback. 
                  * Added "Copy Start time" to edit menu.

* Wed Feb 1 2006  * Added -X2 to -H usage. xmpgedit can now decode files
                    without being able to open the audio output device.

* Tue Nov 29 2005 * Fixed bug in curses mpgedit when loading abandoned 
                    session file with bogus mp3 entry.

* Sat Nov 19 2005 * Alpha 2 release for port of mpgedit to Mac OS X.
                    Mixer control works in this release.

* Sun Nov 6 2005  * Major overhaul of clist and PCM viewer operations.
                  * Fixed man page install using

* Tue Oct 25 2005 * Alpha release for port of mpgedit to Mac OS X.
                  * Added option to display mp3 file statistics to xmpgedit.

* Tue Oct 18 2005 * Fixed SIGSEGV when playback plugin cannot be loaded.

* Thu Oct 13 2005 * mpgedit -p playback is now supported with the -I flag.

* Sun Oct 2 2005  * Fixed playback decoder.

* Thu Sep 8 2005  * xmpgedit file browser now caches last directory visited.

* Wed Sep 7 2005  * Added "main data begin" to mp3 frame -vvv statistics report.

* Sat Jun 11 2005 * Added (lib MAD) playback decoder.

* Fri Mar 2 2005  * Added test case for mpgedit -vv frame number decoding to
                  * Properly cleanup symbolic link when
           no longer exists.
                  * Added readframes.c test program.

* Fri Feb 4 2005  * Fixed "mpgedit -I file.mp3" core dump.

* Tue Nov 30 2004 * Added RPM packaging for mpgedit and xmpgedit.  
                  * Installation script and man RPM package runs makewhatis to
                    update man path.
                  * Changed Linux build to warn when pyrexc is not installed, 
                    and print a reference for where it can be obtained.

* Sat Nov 27 2004 * Fixed xmpgedit SIGSEGV when editing mp3 files in a 
                    read-only directory then attempting to open the PCM file

* Mon Nov 22 2004 * Fixed -X2 option for mono mp3 and stereo/mono MPEG2/
                    MPEG2.5 encoded files.

* Sat Nov 6 2004  * Fixed NULL pointer usage that occurred when the last file
                    remaining in the xmpgedit edit list is removed with
                    File->Cut, resulting in a SIGSEGV error when editing
                    files with the PCM file viewer.
* Sun Oct 31 2004 * Fixed buffer over run error that occurred when editing
                    mp3 files encoded at a slow bit rate, resulting in 
                    frequent SIGSEGV errors in xmpgedit when editing these 
                    files using the PCM file viewer.

* Sun Oct 17 2004 * Command line mpgedit is now capable of performing edits
                    without first generating an index file.  Use -I command
                    line option to enable this feature.

* Tue Oct 12 2004 * Fixed portability problem with PCM byte order processing
                    on big endian platforms.  This affects most UNIX
                    platforms and MAC OSX.  Fixed bug in curses mpgedit that
                    prevented last time in a file from being picked as an
                    edit time.  Report an error when an edit time beyond the
                    end of a file is selected.

* Sun Oct 10 2004 * mpgedit curses mode audio playback stops much faster now
                    by calling DSP reset to flush all pending audio data.
                  * Fixed minor portability problems when compiling with 
                    Solaris SparcWorks compiler.

* Wed Oct 6 2004  * Now all files loaded for editing will display their
                    amplitudes after opening the PCM viewer, and
                    create the PCM .lvl cache file as needed.  Previous
                    releases required selecting the 'File->Decode' option on
                    every file.
                  * Fixed a bug when clicking on playback time LED indicator 
                    that prevented the displayed time units from changing.

* Tue Sep 28 2004 * Linux distribution package is now a self-extracting 
                    compressed tar file.  
                  * Fixed ldconfig cache update bug on install.

* Thu Sep 16 2004 * Further improvements to 7-segment LED time displays; 
                    clicking on the time changes display units.

* Sat Aug 28 2004 * Fixed bug which prevented the mp3 end time from being 
                    selected by the waveform selector.  
                  * Further UI redesign and "eye-candy"
                  * Added 7-segment LED time display.
* Sun Aug 22 2004 * Enhanced pcmview to allow highlighting of a waveform
                    segment to set the edit times.

* Mon Jul 19 2004 * Redesigned xmpgedit GUI to use simplified playback control
                    and start/stop record buttons.  
                  * Rationalized spin button control implementation.

* Sun Jun 20 2004 * Integrated pcmview into xmpgedit.

* Sun Jun 6 2004  * Added -I silence search using integration) option to 
                  * Added pcmview program, which graphically renders an MP3 
                    PCM (.lvl) file.  This will be integrated into xmpgedit.

* Sun May 30 2004 * Enhanced the autoedit menu (curses mode A option) to
                    accept a comma separated list of file names, to support
                    names with spaces. See man page for full description.
* Tue May 25 2004 * Added -X2 option to usage line.  This option has been
                    implemented for some time now, but the usage was not 

* Mon May 17 2004 * Bug fixes for entering and leaving curses mode.  Upon 
                    entering curses mode, any edits specified on the command
                    line (both -c and -e present) were ignored.  Upon
                    exiting curses mode, no edits were performed when
                    autoedit mode was specified.

* Sat May 15 2004 * Added suppress edit (-E option) to mpgedit.  Useful
                    when used in conjunction with -v flags to generate
                    verbose output for a portion of an mp3 file without
                    actually performing the edit.

* Sat May 15 2004 * Changed index file format to store file statistics
                    analysis at the beginning of the index file.
                    Performance boost for utils/align_mp3/ script.

* Tue May 11 2004 * Added -vvvv, -vvvvv options to mpgedit, which
                    displays an MD5 checksum for every frame processed.

* Sun May 9 2004  * Implemented line join (J command) in curses mpgedit.
                    See tag mpgedit_0-71_dev_line_join_cp16.

                  * mpgedit -c file.mp3 does not create index file.

                  * Fixed in version mpgedit_0-71_dev_line_join_cp16.