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LINUX Pre-Compiled Binary Package
  • Download the self-extracting executable package for your Linux platform.
    This will most likely be mpgedit_0-74beta1_linux_rh7.exe
  • su root
  • chmod +x mpgedit_0-74beta1_linux_rh7.exe
  • ./mpgedit_0-74beta1_linux.exe -x
  • cd ./mpgedit_0-74beta1_linux
  • ./

LINUX Source Package
  • Download the self-extracting source package.
  • chmod +x mpgedit_0-74beta1_src.exe
  • ./mpgedit_0-74beta1_src.exe -x
  • cd ./mpgedit_0-74beta1_src/mpgedit
  • ./configure
  • su root
  • ./

Mac OS X mpgedit Disk Image Package
  • Download the Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 Disk Image (.dmg) file
  • Double Click on the mpgedit_pkg_0-74beta1.dmg file in the Finder
  • Double Click on the MPGEDIT.pkg file in the mpgedit install window
  • Follow the installer directions.

Note: mpgedit is a command-line utility. Although mpgedit is installed as an "application" which will start in curses mode in a terminal when the mpgedit application icon is clicked, the most powerful command-line features are not available when used in this manner. You must start mpgedit from a Terminal window (Applications->Utilities->Terminal) to take full advantage of the command line capabilities of mpgedit. mpgedit operates in two modes: command-line and interactive curses mode. See the mpgedit man page documentation for more information about how to use mpgedit.

Mac OS X xmpgedit with GTK+2 Disk Image Package

  • Download the Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 with GTK+2 Disk Image (.dmg) file
  • Double click on the xmpgedit_gtk_pkg_0-74beta1.dmg file in the Finder
  • Double click on the XMPGEDIT.pkg installer package contained within the disk image folder
  • Follow the installer directions.
Mac OS X xmpgedit Disk Image
  • Download the Mac OS X 10.3/10.4 Disk Image (.dmg) file
  • Double Click on the xmpgedit_gtk_0-74beta1.dmg file in the Finder
  • Copy the xmpgedit application to the directory to install this application
Note: You can also just run xmpgedit directly from the disk image directory by double clicking on the xmpgedit application icon.

Note: xmpgedit is an application based on GTK+2, which depends on X windows. You must have GTK+2 and X11 installed on your system for this application to work. You probably want to install the xmpgedit with GTK+2 package, unless you already have Fink and GTK+2 installed on your system.


  • Download the Windows installer package for xmpgedit (GUI) or mpgedit (command line).
  • Run as local Administrator: setup_xmpgedit_0-74beta1.exe

Linux Self-Extract Archive Options
package.exe [-x][-t][-h]
-xUncompress and untar archive
-tTest integrity of archive and list its contents
-hDisplay command line usage
Note: The default operation with no arguments is to just uncompress the tar file, leaving the file package.tar in the current working directory. Options [-u][-y][-F][-h][path]
-uUninstall product
-yProvide default YES answer to all install questions (safe).
-Fsuppress installation functions not needed by Fink.
-hDisplay command line usage
[path]Alternate installation directory; default /usr/local.
Note: This script updates /etc/ when installing in a directory not already being searched by ldconfig. You are prompted whether to proceed modifying /etc/, unless -y was used, then YES is assumed.
mailto: mpgedit development Copyright (C) 2002-2009, Adam Bernstein Last modified: 02/04/2009