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Some MP3 files joined with mpgedit appear truncated when played with iTunes 6.0.2

A problem playing MP3 files edited with mpgedit using iTunes 6.0.2 has been found. The problem is known to occur with the latest release of iTunes, version 6.0.2, and constant bitrate (CBR) MP3 files encoded with LAME that have been joined together. The problem is iTunes only recognizes the length of the first segment of the joined MP3 file, instead of the length of the entire joined MP3 file.

The latest version of iTunes, version 6.0.3 resolves this issue, and upgrading to iTunes 6.0.3 version is now recommended as the solution to this problem.

The now outdated writeup fully describing the playback problem with version 6.0.2 is still available for historical insterest. Following the problem resolutions described in this old document are no longer recommended.

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